The resident of the Republic of Belarus
 Человек познает мудрость 

Currency rates 24.04.2014 17:00
Head office
EUR (c) / BYR (c)1376013880
USD (c) / BYR (c)996010010
RUB (c) / BYR (c)278.6281.1
EUR (c) / USD (c)1.3771.39
EUR (c) / RUB (c)49.0349.68
USD (c) / RUB (c)35.535.85

Currency rates 25.04.2014
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
EUR (l) / BYR (l)13790
USD (l) / BYR (l)9970
RUB (l) / BYR (l)279.5

Currency rates 24.04.2014
Plastic cards
EUR (c) / BYR (c)1368013880
USD (c) / BYR (c)995010030
EUR (c) / USD (c)1.3761.391

Currency rates 24.04.2014
EUR (l) / BYR (l)13790
USD (l) / BYR (l)9970
GBP (l) / BYR (l)16760
CHF (l) / BYR (l)11280
RUB (l) / BYR (l)279.5

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Metal rates 24.04.2014
Metal rates
Gold 1g - 507900
Gold 5g - 2300700
Gold 10g39000005200000
Gold 20g780000010200000
Gold 50g2000000026450000
Gold 100g4050000053050000
Gold 250g102900000125200000
Gold 500g206000000233372700
Gold 1000g413600000487970300
Silver 10g59700139400
Silver 20g129500229100
Silver 50g318700458100
Silver 100g627500916300
Silver 250g15737002840000
Silver 500g31374005640000
Silver 1000g628470011284700

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About Us

BSB Bank is a resident of the Republic of Belarus and it was registered by The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on October 07, 2002.

Supervision and control of BelswissBank activity is overseen by The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus is the central bank and a governmental agency of the Republic of Belarus operating exclusively in the interests of the Republic of Belarus.

BSB Bank's activities are not subject to supervision by any other organization (including FINMA) except The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The Swiss capital constitutes 100% of the Bank’s Authorized Capital.

Financials , Balance Sheet , Statement of Income , Resource Policy , Services to Financial Institutions .

For Business Customers

One of the major strategic goals of BSB Bank is the comprehensive encouragement and support of the private initiative and business. Therefore, we pay special attention to our business customers. We seek to be more than just “a bank,” we want to be your reliable partner, friend and ally. This is why our work is guided by the principle of friendly relations between people.

We believe that every customer deserves attention and an individual approach. We have established a servicing system known as “ Your Personal Team ”. The team includes Your Personal Manager and Your Account Administrator, who provide operative and accurate management of all your current operations, solve every service problem and bear personal responsibility for your interests as a customer of BSB Bank.

For Private Customers

We try to make your life more comfortable, in the strange world of finance – more available, with the benefits of finance management – the best. We work for You, Your Family, and Your Friends.

BSB Bank offers .

Recently the fraudulent use of famous trade marks has become increasingly frequent. Some time ago the new fraudulent web-site with an offering of different financial services on behalf of BSB Bank has appeared in the Internet. In connection to this we would like to make clear that the official unique web-site of BSB Bank is .

Any other web-site is not supported by the bank, and is not allowed to offer anything on behalf of BSB Bank. The exhaustive list of bank services of BSB Bank is presented only on web-site. Here you can find the contact-list and the names of employees working with our customers.

Dear Internet-community representatives! We encourage you to be extremely cautious and to use only the official information, and not to give out to other people the debit/credit card number, accounts and other confidential financial information.